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Preview: Richard Lemarchand

24th February 2017

Richard Lemarchand starts every morning with a brief cycle. It’s a short ride to his first stop. He glances at his watch but it’s never long before a bus greets him with a familiar hiss of brakes. He squeezes the front mounted handle and lowers the rack to secure his bike on a spring-loaded clamp. From there it’s the usual going-rate to his destination and he’s whisked 10 miles in 18 minutes. With a bit of help from the LADOT transit system, it’s a brisk commute on two wheels each day.
Upon arrival Richard meanders his bike along the sun-baked concrete. There’s no need to switch gears in Los Angeles: it’s flat for miles around. He glides freely across the tarmac before navigating his way through an intersection. Students gather at the four-way junction, giving Richard the odd nod as the lights turn green. As he crosses the threshold onto campus, the ground shifts, making way for Romanesque paving stones and pillars. Carefree undergraduates whizz about on bikes and skateboards, while Richard corners his way around a stone obelisk and tablecloth that reads ‘Trojan Youth Soccer League’. Hopping off his bike, a bead of sweat forms on his temple as he passes under an elaborate archway and readies himself for another day.
A glistening building, bathed in a hue of beige, welcomes Richard as he makes the march up to his second floor office. But in an unusual turn of events he’s met with five unassuming young men who look like they could be British…
“Glad you guys followed my instructions okay; it can be tricky getting here,” said Richard, slipping his padlock key into his pocket. “I’m actually a very unusual Angelino, in that I don’t drive.”
Richard’s also a strange Angelino in that he’s from England, so when it came to introductions we were all thumbs, trading one uncoordinated handshake for another. We’d awkwardly crossed paths in the corridor, next to the Interactive Media and Games Division where his office is housed. He’s an associate professor here at the USC (University of Southern California) School of Cinematic Arts, and he’s brought over 20 years of industry experience to bear on his students.

Illustrate the news: Pokemon Go & Microsoft

“Man in New Zealand quits his job to play Pokemon Go full-time” // Karla http://karla-alcazar.com Twitter: @ohhaikarla “Microsoft warns you if you play your Xbox One too much” // Dev http://www.devjoshi.co.uk Pokémon Go: Nintendo stock tanks after it issues profit warning // Chester http://chesterholme.co.uk Instagram: @cjholme

24th February 2017

Soundtrack Ep.1
No man’s Sky