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Illustrate the news: Pokemon Go & Microsoft

“Man in New Zealand quits his job to play Pokemon Go full-time” // Karla http://karla-alcazar.com Twitter: @ohhaikarla “Microsoft warns you if you play your Xbox One too much” // Dev http://www.devjoshi.co.uk Pokémon Go: Nintendo stock tanks after it issues profit warning // Chester http://chesterholme.co.uk Instagram: @cjholme

Preview: Richard Lemarchand

Richard Lemarchand starts every morning with a brief cycle. It’s a short ride to his first stop. He glances at his watch but it’s never long before a bus greets him with a familiar hiss of brakes. He squeezes the front mounted handle and lowers the rack to secure his bike on a spring-loaded clamp. … Continue reading Preview: Richard Lemarchand

Ryan Amon, Bloodborne Composer: The Sound of Blood

The hills of Virginia roll like giant, crashing waves as far as the eye can see, with highways slicing through like boardwalks across an ocean—a single strip of tamed civilization sitting above the sea of trees that flood the land.

Preview: Meeting a Founding Father

Electronic components, conductive tracks and plastic sheets; these are some of the things you find when peeking at the innards of your personal computer. Aside from their technological utilities, circuit boards begin to look like maps or blueprints; angular structures and square paths form homogenous constructions of hyper connectivity.