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17th October 2016

The Awe-inspiring Finale to iDig Video Game Music Festival

Over the past few years, Dublin has been slowly fortifying its international position within the video game industry. It boasts a talented pool of artists & developers alongside a community who are both vibrant and proud. Needless to say, if you’re an aspiring developer or video game enthusiast in any size, shape or form, Dublin is quickly becoming the place to be.

At least this proved to be the case at iDIG (Dublin International Game Music Festival) over the bank holiday weekend.

Founded by composers Eimear Noone & Craig Stuart Garfinkel, iDIG is a celebration of video game music that brings together composers from all over the world to perform and discuss the scores they create. The mood was jolly as goers gathered to hear industry veterans converse and share their personal journeys throughout the video game world. Blizzard’s Terran Gregory(Cinematic Director) and Neal Acree (Composer) showed up to reminisce over their past collaborations, while Irish talent also made a strong presence in the form of Belfast’s own Spooney Bards.

The festival ran over the course of 3 days and culminated with an awe inspiring live concert involving a full orchestral performance. Eimear, renowned for her work with games such as World of Warcraft & Diablo, took to the stage to conduct the steadfast musicians. It was a delight to see video game history be swept across the stage as spotlights danced amidst nostalgic fanfare. Anything from Sonic to Zelda roused audiences with their classic tracks. Highlights included a riff on “Malach”(Warlords of Draenor) as well as a spine-tingling performance of the main theme from Heroes of the Storm. The Emmy award-winning Russell Brower even made his contribution with an impromptu piece from the Overwatch cinematic trailer.

Listening to every motif and crescendo expertly played out under one roof was certainly a treat for the senses and without doubt sets an optimistic precedent for the event’s future growth.

IDIG Festival : http://idigmusicfest.com | @idigmusicfest

People Involved : @eimearnoone | @csgarfinkle | @TerranGregory | @Hordeland | @neal_acree


  • Date
  • 30th March 2016
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  • Los Angele, USA

North America#01

Five video game fans from South East London take a trip along the west coast of North America, visiting people and places connected to the medium.

From founding figures and academics, to journalists, museums and new frontiers, this issue looks at video games in their variety of manifestations and reaching influences.


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